Wildflowers and Oils

Welcome to Wildflowers and Oils!  I am that girl who pulls over on the side of the road to pick the wildflowers.  Every.  Single.  Time!

“God feeds the wildflowers on the lonely mountainside without the help of any man, and they are as fresh and lovely as those that are daily watched over in our gardens.  So God can feed His own planted ones without the help of man, by the sweet falling dew of His spirit.”  ~Robert Murray McCheyne




Now to the oils…I have always been on a journey to wellness and love living the healthy lifestyle.  Since becoming a mom, I just recently started to pay attention to my environment.  What is surrounding us on a daily basis?  What are we breathing in?  What is our skin soaking up?   What I found was, to be quiet frank, frightening.  Did you know that we come into contact with over 100s of toxins on a daily basis?  Our home alone contains most of them.  With a home filled with so many products containing harsh chemicals…no wonder certain illnesses are on the rise.  I don’t think that God intended for us to live our lives this way.

I am not here to preach to you or give you the facts.  Only bring to you awareness.  Take a look at what you are using.  Download the Think Dirty app and scan some of your products.  On a harsh chemical scale of 1-10, the lotion that I lathered onto my body every day scanned at a 9!

With that being said, I am now choosing the safer route for myself and my family.  The Lord has blessed me with the responsibility of raising His children.  To love them, to care, to nurture, and protect them.




Enter oils and Young Living and enter a life changing experience!  There are many ways you can kick toxins to the curb and the company Young Living makes it so simple.  I encourage you to read their Seed to Seal promise.  It truly is incredible and inspiring.  Aside from the toxic free lifestyle, essential oils can also be used to support many other areas in our lives and I love to share how they have become an important part of our family.  It is just so amazing that we have this beautiful God given choice and empowerment to promote our wellness without worrying about the yucky stuff entering our bodies.

If you haven’t yet started using oils…I am praying for you.  I pray that you reevaluate and prioritize your health.  I pray that the lies of doubt be diminished and replaced with truth.  I pray that you realize your worth and your ability to care for it.  Most of all, I pray that you are smothered in the Lord’s love and never ending grace.

When you are ready to start your journey (the sooner the better!), I will be here.  I would love to walk with you and learn with you as you are start enjoying all of the natural benefits that come from these oils and watch as your life is being changed!

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions!!

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