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  • maebellecreek-copy

    Mae Belle: A Birth Story

    August 18, 2016 12:30am I woke up from an uncomfortable and familiar pain in my lower back.  Immediately I knew that it was the beginning of the end of my pregnancy.  I laid in…

    12 November, 2016
  • Photo Credit: Leslie Wells Photography

    Final Stretch

    Oh gosh…I’ve been meaning to write up this post for…ever!  It is currently 4 am and I can’t sleep so here we go! We are in the final stretch of our pregnancy with our…

    3 August, 2016
  • anatomy sonogram
    Family Pregnancy

    Baby Girl

    Hi friends!  Hope that you all are enjoying your Saturday morning.  Carsten is off with daddy and grandma to breakfast and I decided to stay behind to get a few things done. I wanted…

    2 April, 2016
  • Nurse Thank You Gift
    Homemade Gifts Pregnancy

    Not All About Me

    Hi friends!  Thank you all so much for the encouragement you’ve been sending my way regarding becoming a new mom!  It is so appreciated! I just wanted to share with you a cute idea…

    25 February, 2014
  • best is yet to come

    37 Weeks

    This has been the fastest 9 months.  They say that time seems to slow down in the last few months of pregnancy.  Can’t say that I agree.  Of course, I suppose it all depends…

    22 January, 2014
  • 32 weeks pregnant
    Living with Craig Pregnancy

    32 Weeks

    Holy moly. Yikers. Eeeeeek. I just had my 32 week checkup and so far so good.  I shared my feelings of fear on Instagram yesterday. Feelings of fear are perfectly normal.  I know this.…

    20 December, 2013
  • Grace
    Faith Marriage Pregnancy

    Grace Like Rain

    Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew.  This song provided much comfort during a time of darkness.  A time when my heart was being smothered by anger.  Every breath of happiness was slowly slipping away…

    5 December, 2013
  • 25 weeks pregnant

    25 Weeks

    They were not kidding when they said the 2nd trimester would fly by. Seriously. Is it weird to say that things are just now beginning to feel real?  Not sure why.  I mean, we…

    6 November, 2013
  • 21weeks

    20 Weeks

    Not really. Actually, we are 21 weeks…I may be running a little behind.  Not really sure how some of you expectant mommas can blog about your pregnancy on a weekly basis.  I’m impressed. Going…

    7 October, 2013