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  • Gardening

    Container Garden Experiment

    Who loves eating fresh veggies that you’ve grown yourself raise your hand!   Me too!   I shared this picture on my last post. I decided to experiment with growing vegetables in containers this year. …

    18 May, 2015
  • peonies

    Spring Has Sprung!

    Hello all!  It is nearing the end of April and spring has definitely sprung here in Georgia.  Everything is so green and I often find myself staring out the window enchanted by all of…

    25 April, 2015
  • baby tomato

    Just Call Me Farmer Lu

    Farmer Lu…that’s me!  Ha!  More like Wanna-be Farmer Lu.  Back in March I shared my excitement of sowing seeds indoors, hoping to get a nice head start on the growing season.  Really…didn’t have a…

    30 May, 2013
  • maybloomsCollage

    May Blooms

    Watch out guys!  This is an exciting post coming up… I really didn’t have much bloom this month, but that’s okay.  The huge Rhododendron is my back yard didn’t bloom at all…which was weird.…

    29 May, 2013
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens

    Atlanta Botanical Gardens

    *Pray for Oklahoma* Whew!  Where in the world did last week go?  Sunday was Mother’s Day.  Wednesday was the hub’s birthday.  Surprised him with a little getaway Thursday through Saturday. Then, threw a shower…

    21 May, 2013
  • Ferns
    Gardening Spring

    Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

    Oh man…I just can not stop buying flowers…well…except now.  Sorta kinda ran out of money. 😛  I guess that’ll do it… I only have one container left, but I think I’ll wait until the…

    14 May, 2013
  • twobedscomplete

    Building Garden Beds on a Slope

    Hiya friends!  How art thou?  Things are going pretty good here.  Just been continuing on with my gardening obsession.  Have my Georgia friends recovered from all of that rain we got?  How crazy was…

    11 May, 2013
  • Gardening Spring

    Spring Blooms

    Aaaahhh…this picture just makes me smile.  The azaleas are blooming and looking fantastic.  Who cares that the pollen count is currently one million and my eyeballs are constantly watering? Life is quiet fascinating.  The…

    16 April, 2013
  • crying-baby-300x300

    I Am So Annoying & Potting Stations

      Hey errbody. Welcome to the ever changing blog.  Seriously.  It’s like my site has some sort of multiple personality disorder.  Our blogs are supposed to reflect ourselves right?  Hmmm… For the past month…

    11 April, 2013
  • Gardening

    I Saw the Sign!

    Name that tune! So, I’ve been stalking the weather reports and any time I see sunshine and at least a high of 45 degrees I bundle up and high tail it outside to fiddle…

    27 March, 2013