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These Are The Days

21 March, 2016

You know,  every morning that I wake up, I thank my sweet Savior for another day.  I am not sure what I have done to deserve this life that I am living, but nothing…absolutely nothing is ever taken for granted.  What I think…that I am the most thankful for…is His grace.

Knowing that our imperfections…they are okay.  It makes life a little easier to live having this in mind.  I feel humbled and so much more aware of every little blessing.

Every night at bedtime, I say a little prayer over Carsten.  It is a very simple prayer and straight to the point.  Included is “thank you for the food in our bellies, the clothes on our backs, and the roof over our heads”.   These simple things…others struggle for.  I don’t understand the reasons why we have these things and others don’t.  What I do understand is that I have the power to help.  I have the power to donate our clothes that we no longer “like” to those who would “like” to just have clothes.  I have the power to buy that $5 meal at the grocery line check out that will go to a family in need.  It’s the little things that go add up and go a long way.  You don’t have to be rich and donate a ton to make a difference.

This is totally not the direction that I meant for this blog to go, but I guess it was just something on my heart and it needed to be shared.

You guys…THESE ARE THE DAYS!  I feel like these are the days that I was meant to live.  I never, ever, ever, ever knew how amazing motherhood would be.  This is coming from someone who once said that she never planned on becoming a mother.  What a foolish girl that I was.  God’s plan is ALWAYS better.


This little two year old has taught me so much about life since the first day he was born.  He has taught me that no matter what…love wins.  He has taught me that it is okay to get upset about things, but not to dwell on them.  Thanks to him, my patience has been tested and so far I have passed!  He has shown me that kisses fix everything and that laughter truly is the best medicine!  He has reminded me how to be silly again…oh how it comes so easily for him.  He has opened my mind to the many wonders that nature has to offer.


Truly, my heart could burst with my love for him.  Of course, he wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for this guy.

As much as that man drives me INSANE (and those of you who know us personally know), I am still madly in love with him.  He truly is the best husband (I mean…he puts up with me right?) and he loves that little boy something fierce.  We are FAAAARRRRRR from perfect, but grace makes everything okay again.

Now…this is happening!

18 weeks pregnant

We are adding a little girl into the mix this August and we all could not be any more excited about this!  I plan on blogging all about her soon, because even though I don’t have as much time as I used to…God forbid she ever finds out that I once blogged about her big brother and not her!  Haha!

So you guys, at the risk of sounding like a broken record…these are the days.  I feel like these might be the best days of my life.  I’ve never been filled with so much joy and felt as much happiness as I do now.

Now, as I reread what I’ve written, I feel as though this post might come across as myself boasting about how amazing my life is.  Puh-leeze!  I’ve got plenty of problems too.  Trust me when I say this.  I know what it feels like to be down and that post will probably come one day, but what this post is about is simply being thankful and content for where I am at now.  For the joy and love for motherhood that God had placed in my heart and for all the little things that someone might take for granted…I am grateful for!  That’s all.

Thanks so much for visiting friends!



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  • Reply Lisa 21 March, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Lovely family and congratulations on the new baby!!!

    • Reply Luisa 2 April, 2016 at 2:48 am

      Thank you so very much for your sweet comment!!

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