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25 January, 2016
Day in the Life of a SAHM

A few weeks ago, my chiropractor asked me, “So, what is it that you do all day?”  She was trying to get to the root of my lower back pain.  I was stumped by her question and I didn’t know what to say.  Not because I don’t know what I do, but because I feel like I do so much and I just didn’t know where to start!  So, I thought it would be fun to journal my entire day as a stay at home mother to an almost 2 year old.  This post is a bit detailed and lengthy so prepare yourself. :-)

Here is a quick outline of how our days normally go:

Wake up-Breakfast-Clean-Leave for some sort of activity-Lunch-Work on to-dos during naptime-Play-Dinner-Bed

Here is how today actually went:

6:15am  Alarm goes off and I hit snooze hoping to fall back to sleep.

6:30am  Don’t fall back to sleep, so I get up, make some coffee and enjoy a little quiet time with Jesus.

6:55am  I open up my planner and begin planning my day.  Monday mornings I also do my weekly meal planning and make my grocery list.

The Purposeful Planner

Quick note about my planner…it is a lifesaver.  I get so much more done and do a better job at staying on task with this thing.  Also, I may be a little obsessed with planner stickers.  Who knew there was even such a thing?  Okay, so now that you all know I can act like a giddy middle schooler excited about her new Lisa Frank notebook…let’s move on.  Is Lisa Frank still around?

7:10am  I finish my coffee and play on Instagram for a bit…love my IG.  :-)

7:20am  We hear Carsten and his cheerful morning self talking, so dad goes in to retrieve him.  Morning milk and snuggles with Carsten is dads routine.


7:30am  Fold and wash a load of laundry.

Meyers Scent Booster

Have you ever tried the Meyer’s Laundry Scent Booster?  Smells so good!  I add a little to every load.

7:45am  Make bed.  Clean bedroom.  Vacuum bedroom.


Made bed = Day made.

No…I don’t make it every day…I wish.

8:05am  Spend about 5 minutes trying to get Carsten into the shower with daddy.

8:10am  Start preparing breakfast.

8:15am  Hear daddy calling for me that Carsten is ready to get out of shower.  Fastest shower ever.

8:20am  Finish preparing breakfast.


This morning we had Ezekiel cinnamon raisin muffin topped with cheese, egg, and a little jam.  Yum! Breakfast is our favorite.

8:30am  Daddy has to take his breakfast to go and heads to work.  We say our goodbyes and Carsten throws his first fit of the day which includes throwing a car at his dad.

8:50am  I finish my breakfast and start cleaning up the kitchen while Carsten finishes his.

9:00am  Carsten finishes up his breakfast and I try to hurry up and finish cleaning the breakfast mess  all the while hoping that Daniel Tiger can hold him over until I finish.

Meanwhile, Carsten is walking towards me and trips over his own feet.  Five second fit…hops up and all is okay with the world.

Toddler life

9:15am  I hear Carsten yelling for me while I am in the laundry room and he has taken apart his train tracks…again…and wants me to “fix” it…again.  I attempt to fix it and then he yells at me again like he doesn’t want me to.  So, I give up and Carsten throws another 5 second fit.

Toddler Life

9:20am  I finish a load of laundry and head back to try and finish the kitchen.  Only had time to unload dishwasher because now it is time to get ready for the day.  I usually try to get out the door by 10am.

9:30  I open the door to my closet…observe the mess that has been accumulating for 2 weeks…think about how I really need to attend to it…close the door…slowly walk away.


9:50am  Change diaper and decide to do a quick photo session so that I can document his first day with a big boy haircut.  *Bring on the tears.

Mommy and son

10:40am  Upload photo to social media so that all of our friends and family can see his cutie haircut. (We are THAT important.)  Put dogs away and head out the door to chiropractor.

Toddler Life

11:30am  Arrive at the grocery store and head straight for the good stuff.  Tall Chai Tea Latte and a snack for the boy.

Toddler Life

12:45pm  We get home and of course Carsten fell asleep in the car.  I successfully transfer him to his bed and then proceed to do some fun things like put away the groceries, snack on some yummy leftovers, and finally finish cleaning the darn kitchen.

1:45pm  I decide to take a break from chores and work on this blog.

2:45pm  Realize that I’ve been on the computer for an hour and reluctantly get back to some housework.  My Lord…my life is so exciting! 😉

2:50pm  Fold one load of laundry and get annoyed that my back/hip is hurting so I decide to take a nap.

3:15pm Doorbell rings.  It’s okay though, because I was just laying there thinking about my “to-do” list.

3:30pm Getting hungry so I go ahead and make some tuna salad for lunch.  Work on the blog whilst eating.  Multi-tasker I am.

4:00pm  Finish lunch and stare at my computer screen while I painfully wait for a photo to upload.  Service is so bad living on a mountain.  I begin to wonder if I should wake Carsten.

4:05pm  Lose internet connection.  Take a deep breath.  Hear Carsten’s sweet voice conversing with himself.  Prepare his very late lunch. (Normally we eat before nap.)

Toddler lunch

 Tuna salad, avocado, and leftover dumplings.  Random at its finest.  I also make us a yummy smoothie, because we have definitely not been eating enough greens today.

4:10pm  I sneak into Carsten’s room and spy on him for a minute while he plays.  He’s just too cute.  I change diaper and we head to the kitchen table for his lunch.

4:30pm  Carsten finishes his lunch and accidentally drops his cup of smoothie.

Toddler Life

Not only did green smoothie get all over the floor and walls, but…


4:35pm  Clean up smoothie mess and decide that it is much too nice outside to be stuck indoors, so we go out to play.


5:00pm  After playing with his trucks for about 30 minutes, he decides he wants to play in the car.  The boy is obsessed with it.


5:30pm  I talk him into heading back into the house because my back is killing me from sitting in the car and I end up marking one more thing off the list and vacuum.

5:45pm  Realize that Carsten and I haven’t had any “educational” activity time today and so we play this cute little game that helps to practice following directions along with some other fun things.

Toddler games

6:00pm  We make it through about 6 rounds when Dad walks through the door.  Dad is prepared to give Bella (our dog) a bath, because she decided to roll around in something nasty today.  While Carsten watches that going on, I ice my back.  I talk Craig into eating some tuna salad to hold him over until we get hungry again (since we ate lunch so late).

7:00pm  Whip up some shrimp tacos and pretty much relax as a family the rest of the evening.  Carsten was so sweet tonight giving us lots of hugs and kisses.

9:20pm  Realize what time it is (yikes!) and do our routine of putting Carsten to bed.

10:45pm  Sitting here and trying to finish this blog.  I am normally asleep by 10…I love my sleep.

Whew.  Kudos to any of you who have actually made it this far.  I am sitting here reflecting on the day and I wonder where in the world did today go?  I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted to do…including my workout.  Ugh.  I am also surprised that Carsten didn’t throw more fits.  I could’ve sworn that he throws at least 50 a day.  One thing is for sure…NO day is the same.  The routine of the day is pretty set, but the activities that fill it up changes.  For instance, every Monday morning is grocery day, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays (depending on the weather) we will go to parks, playgrounds, indoor play places.  Wednesdays are his Kindermusik class and Friday we normally do playdates or visit family and friends.  Of course, there are some days when mama claims a “stay in your jammies all day” kind of day and those can be the best if you ask me.

We certainly stay busy and I try my best to be a good stay at home mama and wife.  That is my job and I take pride in it.  Even though I have never even imagined myself being a stay at home mom, I truly believe this is where God wants me to be right now.  I am at complete peace with my life and I really do enjoy it too…most days. 😉  Honestly, these are the best days.  He is so much fun to be around and I just can’t believe that I am blessed to be his mama.  <3

So that’s it.  A day in the life of Carsten and I.  Was it as exciting as you thought it would be?  Haha!

If you are a SAHM, does our day look similar to yours?

I sure appreciate you for stopping by!


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  • Reply Alicia 26 January, 2016 at 3:45 am

    Wow. From one SAHM to another, that was actually interesting! Haha! I think I’m going to also journal a day or two of my life. You are so right about it being hard to explain to someone who has never been a SAHM what you actually do all day. The day seems to fly by and it feels non stop but you can’t express what filled up all those minutes besides the obvious chores. I have two small kiddos and a high energy pup so I don’t know how I would even find a way to write it all down during the day! But us SAHM’s are super hero’s in our own way so I’ll figure it out I’m sure. 😊 Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply Luisa 26 January, 2016 at 4:13 am

      I thought it was interesting too. What is super crazy, is that no day is the same. It is 10am right now and already our morning has been completely different. I can only imagine how crazy fun your day is! Thank you for visiting!

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