Living With a One and a Half Year Old

31 October, 2015


Do you know how many times that I have attempted to write this post?  Me neither, but I assure you it is no less than 15 times.  I just can’t seem to get my act together.  It takes me forever to gather my thoughts and I never want to spend my son’s entire naptime writing a post.  There are just so many other things to get done.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Trolling on Instagram.  😉  So, here I sit on Halloween at 8pm.  Carsten is sick and already in bed.  I am nursing my sore throat with some hot tea and already I am rambling on about everything except what this post is about.  Clearly…I digress.

Ohhh gosh…where do I even begin?

My sweet little itty bitty baby…


Is no longer a baby.


Nope.  Now, he is a full blown toddler who plays with his “toot” noise maker and waits for mommy to turn around and say “eww” with that sweet smile on his face.

Our days are nonstop and full of discovering new things.  I’m not going to sugar coat life as a stay at home mother.  It’s hard as poo.  As hard as it is to be around a little prince who thinks the world revolves around him all day long…it also happens to be my favorite.  Every day, there is something new that happens.  New to him and new to me.  Whether it may be a new noise he has learned to make or maybe he has learned to open the pantry and point to his snack…look at me and say, “ack”.  It really is amazing to watch the rate of which his little mind is expanding.

He loves to feed Bella her food one piece at a time.

He loves to feed Bella her food one piece at a time.

As far as his own eating, it really is your typical toddler scenario.


He nursed up to 8 months…which is when I stopped producing.  We weaned him from the bottle at 1 year.  It was pretty simple to do…maybe because he only used it for a few months.  He still takes a sippy cup of organic whole milk in the morning and at night and he drinks water like crazy throughout the day.  He also LOVES when we make him green smoothies or fresh juice.


He got really sick around 15 months old.  Type 2 Herpes.  Let me tell you…he was so pitiful.  He had sores all in his mouth.  His gums were so swollen that we couldn’t even see his teeth.  During this time, we took away the pacifier.  It was too painful for him to use and he was sick for a week, so we just decided to keep it away and see what happens.  I feel like he could’ve still used it and still wanted it, but I just felt like it would be best to keep it away.  He sure was cute with it though wasn’t he?


Since we are talking about sickness…the boy gets sick…alot.  Like, every other month a lot.  If it’s not a simple cold, it’s a crazy unexplained high fever.  He’s actually been less sick since we began taking him to the chiropractor a few months ago.  I know that kids get sick, but he doesn’t go to day care and he was exclusively breastfed for the first 8 months.  Oh well.  We are thankful to be healthy most of the time!  My heart goes out to those who are caring for chronically ill babies.  It is hard.  Trying to make him all better and unable to do so.


What’s next?  Let’s talk about sleep.  The boy has never been a big sleeper, but I feel like he has improved soooo very much.  I rocked him to sleep every single night up until he was one year old…just because I wanted to.  It was and still is heaven to feel him fall asleep on me.  I stopped at one year, because he told me to.  Well, he can’t really talk yet, but he started to become uncomfortable and would squirm around in my arms.  It was clear to me that he was no longer comfy.  So, I began laying him down in his crib to fall asleep each night.  It took about a week of adjusting, but he now knows the routine.  Every night…quiet reading time…brush teeth…go to crib for prayers and night-night.  That is not saying that he always does it willingly.  Ha!

Our lives revolve around this boys nap.  I repeat.  DO NOT MESS WITH HIS NAP.  It will literally ruin the whole day.  That being said, he is a pretty amazing napper.  I will normally get 1 1/2 to 3 hours out of him.  Sometimes he will go through a spell where he will only nap 30min to an hour.  Those are the days when I can’t wait for daddy to walk through the front door.

He isn’t really talking much.  He jabbers a lot and will say a word here or there.  Mama, dada, dog, ‘ack’ , night, duck, stop, outside.  He understands a lot.  We will play games which requires him to follow directions.  For example, a card might say “rub your belly” or “make a happy face.”  I will show him the picture on the card and tell him what to do and he does it.  He’s so fun.

We went through a little biting, pinching, slapping phase.  I was beginning to get really concerned.  We tried out many disciplinary techniques.  He responded best to calm scolding.  When he was ugly, I grabbed his hands and held them down and counted to 5.  Then, I calmly told him that he was being very ugly and hurtful.  Sometimes it works the first time.  Sometimes it takes 3 times.  Now, he only does it when he’s super mad at mommy which isn’t often.

The boy is a little entertainer.  He loves to make people laugh.


He loves trains, planes, and anything on wheels.

Clapped his hands every time the train blew its horn.

Clapped his hands every time the train blew its horn.

He LOVES to be outdoors…which of course, I love.  I truly am so thankful to live so close to this.


He loves tools and to help mom put together furniture.


He loves the water.


Honestly, life is so amazing right now.  This boy is teaching me every day what is really important in this life.  He has filled my heart and his daddy’s heart with so much joy and love.  LOVE.  That is what it is all about.

He is the most important job that I have ever been trusted with.  To raise him to know and love Jesus is my top priority.  I pray daily that He leads me and continues to show me grace.


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