Some Of My Faves Saturday!

24 May, 2014

Hi there and welcome to some of my faves Saturday!


What is this you may ask?  Wellll…I have noticed that a lot of bloggers out there run a series of their favorites and I thought that it would be fun if I played along!  How original am I?  So, every Saturday (maybe…we’ll see) I am going to post some of my favorite things.  It could be one thing or it could be ten things.  It could be a favorite new blog I discovered, a new recipe, or just a quote a ran across.  Anything my little heart desires!

Okay!  Let’s do this!

My favorite dance moves:

She’s got me beat!
My favorite IG (Instagram) feed:

Not only does Juli share pics of her amazing Paleo dishes, but now she is sharing pics of her adorable new french bulldog Jackson! Did I mention that he is super adorable???

My favorite new beverage:

I recently found these two new LaCroix flavors!  Do you like carbonated water?  You have to try these! Bomb!!!

Alrighty, that’s it for this week!  Do you have any favorites to share???

Thanks so much for visiting!


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