Traveling Back in Time: 2013 Edition

2 January, 2014
take me anywhere

Hello there sweet friends!  Happy 2014 to you!  Today I am sharing another look back at 2013…this time a collection of our travels.

take me anywhere

Photo taken from plane above Utah.

If you’re interested, see where 2012 took us.

The hubs and I love to travel and visit different places…who doesn’t?  I like to share our journeys with you here on this little lifestyle blog of mine.  Maybe you have visited the same places and have shared some of the same experiences…and somehow…we are magically connected through our travels…

We started the year off flying off to the beautiful land of Lake Tahoe, CA.  Have you ever been?

lake tahoe

Isn’t it lovely?

View from ski lift.

View from ski lift.

There is a ton to do in Tahoe during the winter.  Aside from driving around the scenic crystal clear lake, there is all of the snow related activities.  We are still working on our skiing skills.  We actually took lessons this year.  The first year we went was a disaster.  It probably didn’t help that we didn’t even start off on the bunny slopes.

Here is a fun video of our first time on the ski lift.  Aaaahh…fun times…

I’ve got mad skills right?

I got to snow mobile for the first time.  It was fun, but I thought my tush was going to freeze off!  Oh…and recording this video…while going who knows how fast…and while my fingers were completely numb…probably not the smartest idea.  Probably.

tahoe instagram Collage

Too much us? Sowee.

I would love to go back to Tahoe during the summer time.  I’m sure it is just as beautiful and enjoyable with lots of hiking and lake related activities.  As far as the snow goes…I would really be interested in going somewhere like Colorado, Utah, or Montana.  Any suggestions?  *sighs*  So many fabulous places to go…so little money to fund it.  Waaa.

Next, we headed to the Bahamas.  This was actually considered a business trip for Craig…I was just lucky enough to tag along!

BahamasThe ocean was amazingly beautiful.  The clearest water that I have ever seen.  My favorite parts of the Bahamas were the jet skiing and swimming with the dolphins.  Other than that…the rest of the island was undesirable to say the least.  We stayed at the Rui Palace which was nice, but not if you are looking for a relaxing time.  It seemed to be a bit of a party hotel.  One morning, we woke up early to attempt some picture taking.  We walked out to the main balcony of our hotel and there were little baggies with a white substance residue laying all over the ground.  Ewww.  Then, that very day, Craig was approached by a man trying to sell him drugs…at our hotel!!!  Not cool…at least I didn’t think so.

dolphin Collage

How hot are we in our leotards?

Have you been to the Bahamas?  How was your experience?

We flew up to Boston, MA a couple of times.  Once for a bridal shower and then again for the wedding.  We have been there several times to visit friends and unfortunately I don’t really have pictures from this year to show for it.  We did the whole touristy thing on our first trip therea few years back…soooo I’ll just share yet another pic of us.


I love us.

For Craig’s birthday, we made a trip to one of our favorite B&B’s.  The Chanticleer Inn at Lookout Mountain, TN.  It’s a quaint little cottage full of charm.  Aaaannnddd…I’m pretty sure baby Carsten was conceived on this trip.  TMI?  Oops!

We had a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us courtesy of some sweet friends <3

chanticleer inn

I went on a girls trip to Pensacola, FL to celebrate one of my besties last days as a bachlorette.  We stayed at Portifino Island Resort and I would recommend it.  I wish that I could remember the name of one restaurant that we ate at.  Oh.em.gee. it was amazing.


Miss these calming waters.

What is it about the crashing waves that just soothes the soul?


The ladies.

Of course, I can’t forget that we always try to take a long weekend and visit some other friends that live on the east coast in Palm City, FL.  (My closest friends all live out of town…sad story.)


We then visited some friends in Portland, OR.  (FYI…These friends are actually the ones we would visit in Boston…but they moved.  I’m not cool enough to have that many friends.)

We really enjoyed Portland.  The weather was oddly fantastic.  The food was delicious and the people there were soooo very nice.

oregon Collage

Instagram fun.

1.  Taking a tour of the Nike Headquarters.

2.  Food truck lunches.

3.  Apple picking.

4.  Portland Harbor.

We did some hiking at MacLeay Park and it was gorgeous!  Like…Lord of the Rings…where the hobbits and elves live…gorgeous.  Everything was sooo GREEN!


Our final trip of the year consisted of a whirlwind visit hopping from city to city.  Another set of friends were getting married in PA, so we decided to make the most of it and visit a few places we have never been.  We flew into Baltimore, MD…no pics.  From Baltimore, we drove to Harrisburg, PA for the wedding.

Oh look…us again :)


Again…the only pics I have of PA are of the wedding.  We really didn’t have time to see the sights.

Lastly, we drove from PA down the Richmond, VA.  We love historical cities and thought this one would be right up our alley.  I shared this trip here.  I’m not sure if we were just exhausted from all of the traveling, but we really just did not have the energy to explore the city.  (I know…woe is me…I’m such a brat.  Lest not we forget a pregnant brat.)

{Did I even use the word “lest” right?}

We stayed at a great B&B that made us feel at home until it was time for us to fly back to our real home sweet home.

Some of our best friends live out of town and I consider us very blessed to be able to visit them.  I’m not sure what next years travels will look like…considering we will have added a munchkin to our family and we are also actually starting a strict *gasp* budget next year.  I suppose we will see!

P.S.  Anyone who knows Craig knows why I added that *gasp*.  Homeboy likes to shop…

Do you guys have any travels to share???  Any place you would recommend a visit to?  If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Thanks so much for visiting!!!


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  • Reply Jesse 2 January, 2014 at 3:24 am

    Love it, looks like so much fun! Glad you got to go on so many adventures last year!
    Jesse recently posted…On the 12th day of Christmas…My Profile

  • Reply Jesse 2 January, 2014 at 5:01 am

    Oh also… if you love historical cities, go to Charleston! So amazing I love it there! And yes, you did use the word “lest” correctly :)

    So excited to follow along with your adventures over the coming year!
    Jesse recently posted…2013 Recap & Looking ForwardMy Profile

    • Reply Luisa 22 January, 2014 at 3:44 am

      Thank you Jesse! I have been to Charleston once and I really think the city is so charming :-)

  • Reply pam 2 January, 2014 at 7:12 am

    Awww … you get to travel a lot! That’s very nice. I’m glad you get to see your friends in all these different places. *Sigh* Mr. Pam is rather … erm … ‘frugal’ about such things, lol. It’s a good thing that in our youth we were more like you, going and doing and seeing. Actually, we moved a lot and have lived all over the country, so I can’t really complain. But the idea of a relaxing and romantic B & B get away sounds so lovely. I’ll have to check out that place you mentioned little Carsten was ‘born.’ Hee. Sounds just the ticket. 😉

    Say, since you mentioned you love staying in B & B’s and are in Georgia, I wonder if you have ever stayed at Whitestone in eastern Tennessee? It’s a place situated on over 60 acres with all these different themed buildings: an old red school house, a barn, a farmhouse, etc. I’ve never been (of course, haha) but it looks very pretty and cozy so I wondered if you’ve heard of it. Sounds like something you might like. :)

    • Reply Luisa 22 January, 2014 at 3:47 am

      Hmmm…I’ll have to look into Whitestone…sounds like it’s right up my alley!

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