20 Weeks

7 October, 2013

Not really.

Actually, we are 21 weeks…I may be running a little behind.  Not really sure how some of you expectant mommas can blog about your pregnancy on a weekly basis.  I’m impressed.

Going to keep this short and sweet:

*Feeling great.

*Feels weird to have boobs…speaking of boobs…thank you boobies for a few new stretch marks…yes…already :-(

*Started a 21 Day Sugar Detox…you don’t even have to say anything…I know.  Let me just say that my sugar intake was getting out of control. Like cake for every meal out of control.  It had to be done…for the health of the baby.

*No cravings…except for sugar in general…and wine.

*Beginning to get a little emotional…cried 3 times in one day…note that this was PRIOR to starting the detox and it wasn’t because I couldn’t have my sugar.  I’m pretty sure that I enjoyed ice cream AND pizza that day…

*Strangers have begun to ask about the bump!

*Experiencing butt pains with increase of activity…feels similar to sciatic pain…I think they call it posterior pelvic pain and it is secondary to the relaxin hormone.

*Sleeping gloriously.

via babycentre

Still can’t believe that a form of that picture is inside of me right now.  Baby Carsten is now about the length of a banana and he is moving around like a crazy!

Prepare yourself for some professional belly bump shots…


19 Weeks

Shared this one on Instagram @luchandler.


21 weeks

So…I broke down and bought some maternity pants…and sheesh are those things expensive or what?  I have to say that even though they look funny, they are super comfy!  Way better than the rubber band deal.


Craig was super cute.  He shopped a little for Baby Carsten and he was so excited to do it.  Ended up with his first stuffed animal and a couple of cute onsies.

That is it my friends!  Hopefully I’ll have a better 24 week post for you.  For now, I am working on a post about our wedding day.  Doesn’t that sound exciting????  😛 I decided to write it because after 2 and a half years, I finally got my wedding photos!  What bride does that?  This one.

Really wishing you all a happy day and an even better rest of the week!



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  • Reply Michelle 7 October, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Im sure you’ll look back on the weeks you blog about the pregnancy and be glad you did, just do it whenever you feel like it, doesnt have to be every week. P.S. yay for bigger boobs :)

    • Reply Luisa 8 October, 2013 at 10:00 am

      Oh yes…I am certain that I will! And thanks for celebrating “the girls” with me! Haha!!

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