Building Garden Beds on a Slope

Hiya friends!  How art thou?  Things are going pretty good here.  Just been continuing on with my gardening obsession.  Have my Georgia friends recovered from all of that rain we got?  How crazy was that?  I was borderline depressed by the last day.  The lake actually covered our little deck…first time for everything I guess.

Flooded deck

Things are back to normal now.  Except now, we have a few more guests.


How cute are those guys?

Too many geese

Wait…where the heck did all of those come from?  Just last week there were only two…now 20?  Love that they are eating up yucky bugs.  Hate all the poop.

Back to the garden beds…sorry…I get easily distracted sometimes.  This is my first year “attempting” to grow something edible, so bear with me and please humor me.  I want to start with my decision to build raised beds versus sowing straight into the ground.  I did a ton of researching and I feel that it will work best for me.

1.  My yard is full of lovely rocky Georgia red clay…not exactly conducive to great gardening material.

2.  My yard is basically one big slope, making erosion a problem.

3.  Able to grow more in less space with raised beds because they are so nutrient rich.

4. Raised beds help keep critters out…supposedly…but probably not really.

Those are the main reasons I chose raised beds.  Our backyard consists of 3 slopes.  The top slope is closest to the house, so this is the one I chose for my raised beds.  Plus, the second slope is waaay too steep and the third slope is too far away. :-P

Yard slope

One may ask…”Why don’t you just use the little bit of flat land that you do have?”  To which I answer…I will need to eventually plant something on the slope anyway to help control erosion…so why not just build the beds on them?

I decided to use cedar to build the beds.  Cedar is pretty expensive, but it is supposed to last a few years longer and it is not pressure treated with unwanted chemicals. I found some really good information and instructions on  I started off by measuring the slope.  It is about six feet wide and forever long.  So, I decided on 2×8 beds…for now anyway.  I forgot to take pictures of the measuring process.  Sorry you guys have to miss that…exciting stuff…

Starting with the top bed, I dug out a level area.


Ignore the tiles.  I dug and dug until it was perfectly level.


Close enough.

For some weird reason, I bought 1x6x8 boards instead of 2x6x8…don’t ask…  One bed consists of 5 1x6x8s and 1 2×4.  I had Home Depot cut one of the 1x8s into 2 foot pieces because I’m lazy like that…

I followed the directions as provided on Eartheasy, starting with building the bottom half of the bed.  The screws that it called for were meant for the 2x8s…definitely not 1x8s…


I screwed up…get it…”screw”.  Heehee…anyway, I had to go buy some smaller deck screws.  They worked just fine.


Next, I cut the 2×4 into a little over one foot long pieces with a point at one end.  These make my corner stakes.

corner stakes

So, I stuck them into the corners and hammered them into the ground as far as they would go in order to keep the bed in place.  Then, I added the top half of the bed.  P.S.  Pre-drilling your holes will make your life so much easier.


That’s it!  Clearly, it is much easier to build a bed on flat ground.  I like a good challenge every now and then.  First bed complete.


Second bed complete.


This picture was shared on Instagram.  Follow the fun @luchandler.

I built these beds back in February when the weather was a lovely 40 degrees, which is the perfect weather for digging.  I had originally planned on having 6 beds, but have ended up with 3 for now.  I often dream big.  I think it will be best if I start off slow anyway.  I don’t want to get too overwhelmed with all of this gardening stuff.

For complete step-by-step instructions to build a raised garden bed visit Eartheasy.  I’ll let you know how my seedlings are doing soon.  That’s a whole other story…

Do you guys garden?  Raised beds or straight into the ground?

Thanks for visiting and hope you all are have a fantastical day!


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  1. Carol T says:

    Oh the baby geese are so cute, I would get distracted too! Good luck with your beds, I have tried and tried to get some edibles out of my little postage stamp, had some luck with squash & cucumbers but insects, and rabbits (and me forgetting to water) pretty much took care of everything else, I may try some planters or raised beds next year, just don’t have the time this year. When my kids were small and we had a big yard had everything from corn (tall) to carrots and onions(roots) and everything in between, it was great coming home from work and picking dinner and the children loved it too-great way to get them to eat veggies….delicsh!!

    • Awww…coming home to pick a homegrown dinner sounds like a dream! Thanks for wishing me luck…I definitely need it…haha! Gardening most definitely takes up a lot of time… Hope you have a great day :-)

  2. Yes, that was some crazy rain! I’m so glad this week looks nice and sunny and not too hot. I gotta give it to you for digging that slope out AND for building those beds! I know all that digging in the “red earth of Tara” is hard going :) It looks great and I can’t wait to see what you plant.

  3. So amazing garden project! Love raised gardens now I now how to :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow I am impressed…I think it is great when a woman takes on a task like this. I have been building an arbor and I know how hard it is to get screws to properly sink even with pre-drilling. You did a great job and I hope you will share with us when they are planted.

    • Thank you! I am definitely the “man of the house” as my husband has no desire to even try to be handy :-P Luckily…my mother is a pretty handy lady and I suppose it was passed on to me…at least the DESIRE to be handy was!!

  5. wanted to let you know that this weeks garden party is ready for you to share this post hope to see you link up! xoox, tracie

  6. Great idea to build a couple of raised beds on a slope that would be hard to utilize otherwise. My veggies are grown in a long raised bed and this year I’m trying more in containers.

    • Thank you! We shall see how well it holds up through the years. What are you growing in your containers?


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