5 Things I Am Thankful For Today {4}

8 March, 2013
Everyday I thank God for so many things.
Especially the little things.
This is a little series I created to remind us to appreciate those little things and to not take for granted the simple things in life.
So…here we go…
1.  Warm water.
How blessed are we to have access to warm water?
Love nice warm showers during these winter months.
2.  Chain saws.
Well…we had to give our bradford trees a buzz cut…and thank goodness we did it before all of these crazy storms came through!  These guys were huge and were beginning to split (once on our garage :-().  They are beautiful trees and hope they fill back out…guess we will see!
3.  Bagster
Do you guys have any experience with these?  It’s a huge bag that plays as a dumpster and you can fill it with all kinds of debris and demo stuff…up to 3 tons!  Then, you just call their company to come pick the “dumpster” up.  The actual bag is $30 (found at Home Depot), then you pay for the pickup.  That price depends on where you live.  This is going to save us the headache of making several dump trips!
4.  Ellen
I am thankful for anyone who can make me smile.
Wish she was my neighbor.
5.  This guy.
Love.Love you guys too and thanks for reading!
What are you thankful for today?
Sharing with Hearts 4 Home @ Our Simple Country Life

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