Our Christmas Home 2014

Christmas Front Door

  Welcome to our Christmas Home! Where rappers aren't the only ones with swag... Where there is an abundance of red and green... Where faux greenery is everywhere...and none of it matches... Where the pups are always wanting a Christmas snack... Where there is a real tree...that I forget to water... Where memories are being made... Where imaginations run wild... and the babe's stocking is 3x the size of … [Continue reading...]

9 Whole Months!

9 months old

Hi guys!  How are you all doing?  Getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the holidays?  Not me.  I'm just sitting over here wondering if my son has a clean bottle for his next feeding.  These thoughts are then overrun by my dismay as I pull a dog toy out of his mouth! Eww. I'm a hot mess y'all.  So is my son. Still baffled and in awe of all you wonder mamas with more than one offspring. During these frequent moments of stress and exhaustion, I just look at the window and … [Continue reading...]

New House Tour

Craftsman Cottage Home Exterior

We moved!  Err…6 months ago.  I know…I’m so on top of my game. I’ve had a few…okay…a “couple” of you ask to see the new crib so here you go! I think this home is considered to be a Craftsman Cottage style.  Perhaps not the “cottage” that you are familiar with, but for this neighborhood, […]

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6 Months: A Carsten Update!

6 months

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Okay.  Glad I got that out. 6 months you guys. The transformation that happens in 6 short months is truly astounding.   This dude keeps me so busy.  I can only imagine what is to come once he becomes mobile.  Sometimes, when I’m sitting around clocking my one millionth minute breastfeeding, I think about […]

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Instagram Collaged Letters

Hooray!! I completed a crafty project! It is the first one since the munchkin has joined us.  It only took me a couple of weeks to complete.  Probably should have only taken a couple of hours.  Still working on the whole “new momma” time management skills.  Who knew taking care of a baby was so […]

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Some of My Faves Saturday


Happy Saturday friends!  Here are some of my favorites from this week: My favorite shirt.   I was playing around on Instagram (why I am so obsessed…I don’t know…I mean…what else is there to do while nursing???) and I stumbled upon a kid wearing this shirt.  I tracked down it’s origin and it led me […]

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100 Days of Happy!


Hiiiiiiiii! Have you guys heard of this super inspiring challenge? I ran across it on Instagram and I thought I might give it a shot!  It is basically a challenge to see if you can find something in your life that makes you happy for 100 days in a row.  You can read more about […]

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Some Of My Faves Saturday!


Hi there and welcome to some of my faves Saturday! What is this you may ask?  Wellll…I have noticed that a lot of bloggers out there run a series of their favorites and I thought that it would be fun if I played along!  How original am I?  So, every Saturday (maybe…we’ll see) I am […]

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Swimsuit Season


Aaaahhh…the season is upon us.  Time to throw on my skimpy bikini and strut my stuff down the sandy beaches soaking in some sunshine! * * * * * * * * * * What’s so funny? I kid…I kid. For real though…we have a beach trip coming up next month and I am pretty […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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3 Months Later

3 months old

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi. Remember me? Remember him?   Wowwww!!!  I’m not going to be cliche and say that time has flown by, but I will say that I can’t believe how much this little booger has grown.  I was going through his newborn pics the other day and I just couldn’t believe […]

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Woodland Inspired Nursery

Woodland Nursery

Hiya! Sooo…waayyy back in November I shared my plans for the nursery.  I’m happy to finally share the finished room! Just kidding. The room isn’t really finished. I still have a few things that I want to do…like hang the mobile that I made and I have a couple of things that still need to […]

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Not All About Me

Nurse Thank You Gift

Hi friends!  Thank you all so much for the encouragement you’ve been sending my way regarding becoming a new mom!  It is so appreciated! I just wanted to share with you a cute idea I did while pregnant.  I made little gift bags for my caregivers taking care of all of us during labor and […]

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Musings From A New Mom


*Warning:  There are a lot of “boobie” references in this post.” *This “mommy” gig is no joke. *Nursing is also no joke. *Thinks it is hilarious the way Carstens head looks like a bobble head on a go-cart missing a wheel when he is searching for his source of food. *I also think it’s pitiful…bless […]

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Nursery Gallery Wall

Woodland Nursery Gallery Wall

Hello friends.   The “devils dandruff” has officially melted away and we will be in the 60s all week here in GA.  Hooray! Our sweet munchkin has been here for 2 weeks now.  TWO WEEKS!  I swear he has already doubled in size…or so it seems.  See how sweet he is… I’m not sure if […]

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Welcome To Our World: Carsten’s Birth Story

carsten newborn

A little over a week ago we welcomed our baby boy into our world.  Seems like it was just yesterday.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  This has been the looonnnggeesstt week EVER!  I’m not going to lie…I’m borderline delirious right now from sleep deprivation and I’m pretty sure that a family of mice might have […]

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Easy Mini Bathroom Reno

Mini DIY bathroom reno.

Hello friends! As I look outside at the 4 inches of snow and ice that has pretty much shut down our neck of the woods, I am so very thankful to be safe and sound in our warm home.  Craig drove me to my 38 week prenatal appointment yesterday morning and I’m super glad that […]

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37 Weeks

best is yet to come

This has been the fastest 9 months.  They say that time seems to slow down in the last few months of pregnancy.  Can’t say that I agree.  Of course, I suppose it all depends on the circumstance.  Our 3rd trimester consisted of the holidays…which always flys by.  We have been dealing with a small house […]

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Traveling Back in Time: 2013 Edition

take me anywhere

Hello there sweet friends!  Happy 2014 to you!  Today I am sharing another look back at 2013…this time a collection of our travels. If you’re interested, see where 2012 took us. The hubs and I love to travel and visit different places…who doesn’t?  I like to share our journeys with you here on this little […]

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2013 Home Improvement Goals Revisited

home goals revisited

Hey hey!  How is everyone doing???  I truly hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with God’s love!  2013 is wrapping up and I always like to share some posts about how the year went…starting off with our home improvement projects.  Everyone loves a good before and after right? At the beginning of this […]

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